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As Principal at Baker Consulting Services

International, Will is highly, sought after by

for-profit and non-profit clients for executive

coaching, strategic consulting, visioning

assistance and fundraising.  When the partnership between BCA and BCSI was formed, Will’s United Nations background and academic credentials

provided a unique niche that  catapulted

the endeavor forward. More​... 

Will Baker

Our associates are based in regional offices reducing redundancy thereby lowering client costs while generating immense value for BCA’s deliverables.   Our flat structure means that BCA will continue to be more responsive and flexible than many firms.


Empowering people and building stakeholder partnerships in diverse communities is what Joyce Campbell has done for nearly two decades as a seasoned community development strategist.Her career in community outreach, education, and collaborative partnership development began as a grassroots volunteer and evolved into extensive experience gained through positions held in banking, state government, and nonprofit industries. More...

Joyce A. Campbell

Senior Associates,

Community Development

Traci Morgan-Morton
Joyce A. Campbell

Will Baker

Chief Information Officer, New York Office

Alva Baker

With more than 30 years of management consulting experience, Alva is known for her ability to communicate with stakeholders of all types — from organization leaders, neighborhood residents, and corporate executives to small business owners, elected officials, and faith leaders.  Prior to moving to Dallas and launching BCA, Baker was a VP at Citibank, leading a cash management team providing services to multinational corporations. Alva’s strategic analysis skills include a unique combination of linear and creative thinking, which clients consider invaluable. Folks rely on her unparalleled knowledge of community based economic development initiativesMore ...


Tracy Morgan-Morton

Chief Financial Officer

Traci is a Senior Finance Manager with a track record of success in financial planning and analysis including process development, accounting, budget, forecast, strategic planning and modeling. She is experienced in supporting operations environments while controlling, planning, implementing and managing the finance activities of the organization. More...